I'm here to help you stop chasing and start attracting people with content that screams, 'Holy heck, they're inside my HEAD! I need this person in my life'

Here, marketing be fun

Be warned, content creation day might become your fave day of the week. 

Time to become a visible authority (emphasis on the word, visible) and help your people find you, and CHOOSE YOU.

Three ways I can help you, when you're ready:

The Content Code

Self-paced program to move you from ‘WTF am I doing though?!’ to ‘I’ve got everything I need to market by business, I just need to go out and DO IT’

Content Audits

If you’ve been posting for a while on Linkedin without seeing the results for your efforts, it’s time to get my eyeballs on your marketing with these strategy¬†intensives.¬†

1:1 Coaching

So, you’re serious about setting yourself for long-term success? No messing about. Nab a 30 minute slot to chat with yours truly about private coaching. PSA: Only for the deadly serious.

Here’s the tea…

Over the past decade I’ve trained as an actress, written stageplays and screenplays (nope, nothing you’ll have ever heard of… or probably ever will!), I’ve been a top diamond seller in my region at a jewelery store I worked at for over 2 years, I’ve ghostwritten a best-selling book on behalf of a top-notch anxiety expert, and I’ve spent the past two years as a content creator and social media managers for some scrumpteous businesses. 

I’m a cetified life coach, NLP practitioner and have a CBT diploma under my belt (toot toot!).

Cherry on the cake?

I was a broad (veeeeeery broad) confidence coach before I became a copywriter & marketing coach.

In short, understanding human behaviour is my bag and creativity is in my BLOOD.

Every person is capable of being truly remarkable. 

Yup, including you, my little sasspot.

You just need a little nudge believing that your authenticity is enough, your presence is desired and your people are just waiting to find you.


So, why am I such a dribbling girl fan when it comes to content marketing?

Because, dear friend…

Whether you like it or not, if you’re a solopreneur trying to build your business organically, then you are not only:

But you’re also, by necessity… you guessed it…

Your ability to SHOW UP and STAND OUT will determine whether or not you SELL OUT.

Ya dig me?

You're gonna wanna buckle up for a loving b*tch slap...

You want a continuation of hot leads coming to you – so you can avoid acting like a weirdo and hunting clients down with grapsy-graspiness – BUT…

Marketing feels SLEAZY.

Content creation feels HARD and a massive TIME SUCK.

When you don’t see results you hate content marketing EVEN MORE.

AND… you’re battling with a f*ck ton of other thoughts that STOP you from being outrageously visible online as the GO-TO person in your space.

The results, ain't sexy.


So, is there a way that you can so deeply believe in the value of you and your offer, that nothing and no-one could stop you from sharing your message every single day?

Is there a way to unlearn the sleaze of old-school marketing and instead – dare I say – learn to ENJOY marketing?

Is it possible to attract rather than chase?

Is it possible to sign clients through the power of bang-on-point storytelling?

Is it possible that YOU could become a VISIBLE AUTHORITY who now looks forward to content creation friday’s?

Yes, friend.

Truly, there is a way.


After a decade living with social anxiety disorder (yup, left that nugget out earlier didn’t I?!)…

There are two things that are really important to me, for you…


And the love child of these two things?

A content marketing strategy that CONVERTS.

Ready to jump off the struggle bus?

Then let me get inside that head of yours and tell you exactly how to CREATE, CONNECT and CONVERT.

You have a everything you need to start signing clients NOW without feeling like a slimy salesman in the process.

You just need a little creative and strategic nudge in the right direction.