breaking hearts
Anxiety 101

How To NOT Be Anxious (By Learning To Break Hearts)

It’s difficult to know how to not be anxious when you think that you’re potentially going to hit someone with some knowledge that could truly break their heart. When I was younger my parents very much pushed me toward the Maths, English and Science subjects because, as any good parent […]

Does anxiety make people selfish?
Anxiety 101

Does Anxiety Make People Selfish? (Here’s the full TRUTH)

Anxiety, depression, mental health and other personality disorders are destructive and hard to live with as it is without wondering if they can also make us selfish human beings. Does anxiety make people selfish? Hmm…Sort of. Understanding your anxiety means understanding how it makes you behave and how this sometimes […]

Effects of anxiety of your mind, body and soul
Anxiety 101

Effects Of Anxiety On Your Mind, Body And Soul

The title of this article might be enough reason in itself to get your heart racing and induce some unwanted stress responses.  But anxiety is no joke and it is important for you to understand your anxiety and know the effects of anxiety on your mind, body, and soul. Throughout […]