Your content shouldn't feel like peeing into the wind, coach


Start creating intentional content, that creates intentional results.

Increasing those INBOUND leads starts with a crystal clear message and content that lovingly slaps your ideal client in the face with how hard it resonates.

Less chasey-chasey, more ATTRACTION

Less posting willy-nilly, more posting with PURPOSE.

You know how the saying goes coach, confused customers don’t buy.

And if you’re currently posting on a whim each day, waiting for inspiration to strike and never really knowing WHY you’re posting said post…

Chances are, you’re not seeing your DM’s light up the way you’d hoped.


Because your message is unclear.

It's not blindingly obvious WHO you help, HOW you help them and the big fat WHY.

And because you’re constantly back and forth, trying to figure out that blasted elevator pitch (that feels so darn restrictive!) your content isn’t anchored in a clear message to a defined ideal client.

What if I told you, that in just three hours we could:

A.K.A Coach, ditch the confusion and aimless posting.

Start creating for the results you want.

This is the foundation that your entire content marketing strategy is built upon.

Your content shouldn’t be based on assumptions or guesses about what your clients need to hear.

It should be created from a place of knowing.

Knowing what they want and need and communicating it to them better than they could communicate it themselves (with a whomping great dash of your personality taboot).

Where conversion content is concerned…

Specificity WINS!

I'm sorry...

Who are you and what makes you think you know anything about anything?

I’m Emma Loveday (or Coach Loveday as my clients like to call me).

I was a confidence coach for two years before I became a content marketing coach.

I’ve a first class degree in Acting (if that’s not the study of human psychology, I don’t know what is)

I’ve been writing screenplays & stageplays for over ten years (A.K.A – I know what MOVES people, what motivates them, what get’s them invested in a character… or COACH 😉 

I was top diamond seller for over two years in a luxury jewelery store (I know how to sell WITHOUT the icky hard sell. Storytelling and human connection is my bag)

For the past five years alongside my coaching business, coz ya gal is a workaholic – I’ve been a content writer that’s generated one website over 35,000 monthly views, the ghostwriter of a best-selling anxiety self- help book, an SEO strategist, and social media manager for some hefty accounts.

Best of all? I’ve got a teensy weensy social media following with seemingly low engagement YET, my content CONVERTS.

Am I a tiktok guru? Nope.

Am I even a Linkedin guru? Not compared to some.

Do I know how to create content that CONNECTS on a human level and CONVERTS into clients… you bet your ass I do.

Your content marketing efforts don't need to feel like a total time-suck

Book yourself a spot, I'm waiting for a challenge!

(I'll throw in a 5 minute pee break for free)

How much is it costing you to stay confused, coach?

A lot more than 450 quid I’d imagine.

On the fence?

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