I help coaches & OSP's get out of the content creation funk and fall in love with content marketing.

So you can grow your business organically and market yourself (without the SLEAZE)

You set up this business for a reason, am I right?

You want to:

As you should.

Because 5 minutes on the phone with you and it’s clear that you’re top notch at what you do and would make for a bang tidy mentor anyone would be lucky to have.

But... and this is a biggy... all you really want to do is JUST COACH.

And the idea of 'marketing' gives you the heeby-jeebies.

You don't want to have to deal with all of the irritating bit and bobs that coaches automatically become responsible for when growing a business.

When you put on your big girl pants and decided to go HAM TO THE WALL building this business, you didn’t quite realize that – by default – you became your own:


And, of course, CONTENT MARKETER.

Because, despite having everything in the way of desire, energy, motivation and relentless commitment to your success...

You don’t have £10,000 worth of spare dosh lying around to test facebook ads for three months before seeing a return on investment.

You aren’t able to hire a social media manager for £600 a month to post, engage and absorb precious screen time on your behalf.

You aren’t in a position to hire a content marketer who will write the EXACT juicy goodness your clients need to hear in order to slam the metaphorical PLEASE HELP ME button.


This is all on YOU.

To top it all off, we're only just navigating away from the old-school teachings of corporate marketing.

(Ya know, the type that makes ya skin crawl)

The type of marketing that feels intrusive, sleazy and seriously lacking in human connection and genuine concern for the consumer.

But, that’s not you… am I right?


Because here, content marketing is all about having FUN (yes, tis possible) and creating content that speaks from your heart straight into the ears of those who need to hear it most.

What if I told you, in today's digital age, it is pure honest storytelling that trumps all?

Online and offline, everyone wants to feel SEEN and UNDERSTOOD.

If a person can land on your profile and think, DAMN! They GET IT. 

Well, that’s the power of human connect right there.

And human connection sells.

The biggest mistakes I see new coaches make in their marketing (and it might suprise you):

Editing their personality out of their content.

…believing that who they are is not what people want. This is a one way ticket to SWIPE-STRAIGHT-PAST town.

Editing their story out of their content.

…because they think it’s somehow egotistic to speak about themselves OR, they think people really just want another HOW TO guide or LISTICLE.

Editing their opinions out of their content.

…because they are afraid to be challenged.

It's NEVER an issue of strategy... it's an issue of believing the lies you tell yourself between your ears!

Yet, by doing this, your client never learns who you are.

They never grow to know, like and trust you.

And people don’t buy from people they don’t know, like and trust.


To build your biz organically, becoming your own master content marketer is HANDS DOWN the most worthwhile skill you could develop.

But, I promise you, this means becoming a confident storyteller…

Not a boundary overstepping, pushy salesman.

And to become a VISIBLE AUTHORITY that someone wants to buy from (and I’ll make one out of you yet) you have to first be… ahem… well, VISIBLE.

So, riddle me this:

And because of aaaaaaaall that...

Are you finding that, in a bitter twist of irony...

You indeed, have no results?

No clients coming a-knocking?

No interest?

No money in the bank?

All of this only goes to convince you that your limiting beliefs are in fact, CORRECT.

Been there, got the t-shirt, ripped it up and stitched myself a new one.

(Time we do the same for you)

The VISIBLE AUTHORITY program is all about cultivating a mindset for inevitable success with the content marketing skills to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

The goal?


How do we do that?

So glad you asked.

My friend. You are stuck in CONFUSION. The step before clarity.

And it sounds like this;

“I’ve got a vague-ish idea who I serve”

“I sorta know who I am and how I help them”

“I’ve tried creating content but I don’t know if i’m doing it ‘right'”

“There’s so many strategies, I don’t know which is best”

“I’m not seeing results quick enough so I guess I’m doing it wrong”

“I don’t want to be TOO vulnerable or share TOO much, I don’t think that’s what people want”


Enter, Moi!

I will guide you through the five key componants that will allow you to don that crown of content marketer, and re-learn new ways of marketing your fabulous self online that yields feel-good results…

#1 Mindset

You will learn The Model and other self-coaching techniques so that when you face inevitable self-doubt, you feel equipped to tackle them.

Mindset work is infused throughout this entire process.

The strength of your self-belief and belief in your inevitable success will determine whether you create the business (and life) you want for yourself, or not.

Strategy is easy to learn.

It’s your brain that will get in the way.

#2 Storytelling

This is all about building your personal brand so that when a prospective clients lands on your page, they know EXACTLY who you are and how you can help them.

You will identify the personal experiences that build a strong connection between you and your clients.

You will learn how to communicate your story openly and honestly, as a leader who can guide others through similar tranformations.

You will know your ideal clients struggles and desires so well that everything you say resonates.

You know THEIR story better than they know it themselves.

You will learn to tell stories that move clients emotionally.

You will tell stories that allow them to form a connection with you.

Your ability to tell a great story is what will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

#3 Creativity

Great content cannot be born if we are too busy trying to make it perfect.

Here you will learn ways to overcome perfectionism and analysis paralysis.

You will learn ways to inspire yourself and techniques to make content creation easier and FUN!

This is about experimenting.

It’s about curiosity.

It’s about finding your voice.

You will also develop the confidence to get that beautiful face on camera and be authentic, without fear.

(Being on camera is a fast track way to develop the know, like and trust factors… and this is key, remember!)

#4 Strategy


You’ll learn how to create intentional content for intentional results.

How to approach DM conversations.

How to infuse your offer into your content every day through your messaging and content.

The strategy is the easiest to learn and the hardest to commit to for most (but mainly because of the squiggy sponge inside your head. That’s why MINDSET work, is always queen here)

#5 Consistency

Quite simple, we will create an action plan that you can STICK to.

Consistency is everything.

Patience and peristance are two traits that are an absolute MUST if you plan to succeed. And I know you do.

Together you will have a fool-proof plan in place that doesn’t fill you with dread.

It feels managable and ENJOYABLE.

By the end of our time together, you're going to:

Deeply believe in the value of yourself as a coach.

Deeply believe in the value of your offer.

Deeply believe in the value of your clients.

And deeply believe in the power of STORYTELLING.

So you can finally do that thing that you love the most... COACH.

Sound good?

Thought so.

Become a Visible Authority

1:1 Content marketing coaching
£ 3000 Full payment for 12 weeks
  • Weekly 60 minute sessions
  • Weekday direct acces via whatsap
  • Mid week check-ins via whatsapp
  • Weekly assignments
  • Recommended reading list

Catch you on the flip side, where running your business feels like a hug in a mug.

Marketing shouldn’t feel like a slog.

If it does, you know what to do…