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Whether you’re selling 1:1 services, launching a group, or promoting a digital product there is one thing you must be able to do…

Show your clients exactly why they should care about you and buy from you over anyone else.

(AKA… write copy that gets you noticed, and gets you PAID!)

That’s where we come in…

Are you missable, dismissable, and downright scroll-pastable?


Mixed messages, a hazy value proposition, a forgettable brand… 

It doesn’t take much to confuse your ideal customers. Time to correct that and strategically reap the digital rewards in the form of clicks and clients.

And reap them you shall.

You know your ideal client (and if you don’t, you’re gonna).

You know you can bring oodles and caboodles of goodness to their life.

Let’s make sure THEY know it, too.

This is for service-based business founders ready to be seen, heard, and making sales...

👉 Are you sitting on a damn good offer and some high-value skills but you just can’t get them seen, loved and sold to those “perfect for you” ideal clients?

👉 Are you so over the fads, trends, and approach to marketing your business that feels about as reliable as late-night loo roll in a nightclub?

👉 Would you like to learn how to build a successful online business and turn your side hustle into the only hustle and create financial freedom? 

We gotchu…

Would you (much) rather?

🔥Learn how to write copy with such punch and panache that ideal clients spot you from a mile away in a feed of bland and blah content?

🔥Know you’re marketing your business with crystal clear messaging and confidence that leaves your target audience excited to work with you?

🔥Not have to return to one of those mind-numbing “proper” job things because you’ve built a thriving, enjoyable business that finally feels like YOU?

No matter the touchpoint in your client’s journey, one thing is for sure…

Your copy should earn you the click!



Write irresistable copy and make a ton more sales without shoving yourself into stale templates that strip your marketing of what makes you, YOU.

When you can make your future clients stand up and listen, you will never lose the sale to something as gut-wrenching (and expensive) as forgettable copy, ever again!

And the best part? You've got us on your shoulder for as long as the program exists.

Now we're talking...

C.C.A will help you:

👉 Articulate and leverage your brand (so that your brand is the one they fall for).

👉 Clear the fog and identify your perfect clients so you can confidently speak to their struggles and desires so they get in touch.

👉 Lift the weight of marketing your business so you can keep going and don’t have to go it alone.

👉Deepen your relationship with your online community and strengthen your position as the thought leader they (quite rightly) trust.

👉 Become the very first person your ideal client thinks of when they search their brain for an expert with your special skill.

👉Confidently become more visible to your ideal client and step into the light YOU want them to see you in.

Consider this your marketing SLAM DUNK to draw in clients with copy that grabs their eyeballs, hugs their heart, and opens their wallet (willingly!).

Meet your Copy Coaches...

Emma Loveday, StorySelling Nerd

In the blue corner is heavy-weight copy hitter, consultant and trained StorySelling actress, Emma Loveday.

👉Sold out performance of her three-person show ‘You Can’t Fly’ straight out of Arts University (she can act but don’t you dare ask her to sing!)

👉2+ years as a top diamond seller and jewellery sales specialist (a £37K Mont Blanc Watch sale was a casual Tuesday)

👉Direct response copywriter with clients seeing £45K in sales page conversions in just three months.

👉10+ years with social anxiety disorder (she knows a thing or two about the fear of showing up online)

StorySelling Queen is a title that’s been gifted upon her.

(Although, she can’t say she doesn’t feel gooey at the thought of such a noble badge of honour)

A note from Emma...

Before my pivot last year, I was posting on the gram and it felt DISGUSTING.

I crippled myself with comparisonitis, I tried to follow the trends, and I couldn’t see the fairground through the candy-floss for all the hyper-generic educational content I was churning out thanks to the *gurus*.



I pour my heart and soul into writing ACTUAL high-value content.

The stuff that makes my people THINK, FEEL, and RESPOND.

👉(After years of acting and script-writing… I’m pretty good at that now)

Sharing ideas and views that have people choking on their coffee with ‘Did she actually just say that’ – ness.

When I write – I do it with the sole intention to bring SOMETHING WORTH READING to my audience and turn curiosity into clients 🙂

I will help you do the same with the help of…

What are the scores on the doors for this copy-collaborating duo?

👉 A relevant and hyper-engaged LinkedIn audience of over 45K

👉 An average email open rate of 61.5% (the industry standard researched by Mailchimp is 21.33%) 

👉 Sold over £11K in passive income products

👉 100% of leads are inbound (just how we like it)

👉 Supported hundreds of B2B service-based businesses with copy projects and strategy around the world

👉Continue to work as copywriters in the field (and in the know)

So, what do you get inside Conversion Copy Academy?

This LIFETIME ACCESS group program includes…

👉 A full-blown everything-we’ve-got copy curriculum (place your solution on centre stage).

👉 Weekly 60-min group calls (Your official Academy training).

👉 The Copy Couch (hailed the high-value Academy hero).

👉 Peer Community Support (no more dining on the professional equivalent of a microwave meal for one).

BONUS materials that wrap your copy clarity in a full-bodied marketing POWER-UP (because let’s not pretend that copy is the only thing that’s needed to build an online business).

We know you’re wondering, “What does lifetime access REALLY mean, though?”

It means that for as long as the program exists, you will have access to everything you see below. 

Yes. Everything. 

Not just the online trainings but the community, copy feedback, calls, and any newly added content.



Let’s break it down…

copy cores

Copy Cores

If you learned nothing else, the Copy Cores would give you everything you need to write copy that is head and shoulders above the rest. 

Learn how to: Nail your ideal client, bring YOU to the party, use specificity to sell, articulate your value, format, edit, use CTAs, hooks and tap into the psychology of sales, plus a LOT more!

Your Funnel

You'll be shown how to apply your newfound knowledge to every touchpoint in your funnel including your LinkedIn profile, social media content, lead magnets, emails and sales pages so that you are IMPOSSIBLE TO REFUSE.

At any point you can land the client or lose the lead, let's make sure it's the former!

Don't need all of these yet?

Cool beans. Grab what you do need, when you need it.

call screenshot

Weekly Group Calls

Every week we gather to get your questions answered and have a mini-in-depth training.

Every call is pre-recorded. Can't make it? No sweat, we'll upload them to the portal and tell you exactly what time the training starts so you don't have to sit through the natter.

AND, we encourage you not to wait to get your questions answered. Instead, jump into the portal...

Community portal

The calls are a great place to get face-to-face feedback but...

In no way do we want you to wait an ENTIRE WEEK to get your burning questions answered. Chuck 'em in the portal for a swift response so you can keep moving.

And finally, for the REAL needle-mover that near enough guarantees that your copy will improve week on week...

vicky couch feedback
val couch feedbacl
samantha couch feedback
kaya couch feedback
couch feedback rux
couch feedback estella

The Copy Couch

Submit a piece of copy for direct, individual feedback every single Monday.

That's right, our eyeballs on YOUR copy.

We'll give you pointers to improve so you can see exactly how the copywriting tools apply to you. This is the componant that makes everything MAKE SENSE.

Consider it your weekly shot of reassurance, clarity, and confidence.

Our C.C.A members love it! And we're confident you will too.


Plus, we are adding bonuses galore.

We’re not delusional. We know that copy is not the only thing needed for successful online sales (it’s just the most important thing 😉).

  • LinkedIn Engagement Strategy
  • Linkedin Outbound Strategy
  • The Linkedin 10 Commandments
  • The Sales Process.

And many more to come… We’re constantly adding!



Pay once, in foreveeeeeeeeer.

**payment plans available**

Did someone say risk-free guarantee?

We’re so confident that if you follow the program, take full advantage of us and our support, and implement the feedback… you will see results.

Our clients that succeed do the work, it’s that simple.

So, if you put in the effort and can show that you’ve rinsed the program of all it’s goodness but you’re still not happy – you can claim your GAVE IT MY ALL money-back guarantee.

There is no end date.

Just ping us an email at, demonstrate your effort according to the success criteria, and we’ll give you your money back in full.

We cool?

Most business owners who join C.C.A have been part of other courses and communities, so we know you're wondering...

"What's the difference between C.C.A and other programs?"

Other programs

Conversion Copy Academy

👎🏼Offer a limited timeframe for you to utilize the support and see results.

Whether 3 months, 6 months, or even 12 months… once you’re time is up, you’re dropped whether you’re ready or not.


🔥Unlimited access to the online portal, group calls, community, and copy couch submissions for as long as the program exists.

In C.C.A, lifetime access means you can take advantage of ALL elements of the program until you’ve seen the results you want.

👎🏼Show you how to write copy that converts through online trainings but don’t offer bespoke feedback.

You’re left wondering, “Am I doing this right?!”

🔥You can have individual copy feedback every single week so we can show you areas of improvement within your copy, and give both reassurance and constructive feedback.

It’s impossible for you to not improve!

👎🏼Show you how to market your services using a regimented roadmap that wreaks of ‘my way or the highway’ vibes.

Any deviation implies failure of grand proportions.


🔥We know there are many different ways to successfully market a business. We’ll show you what has worked for us and share our copywriting expertise.

But ultimately, we’re all about helping you find what works for you and your market.

👎🏼Led by mentors who feel out of touch…

They’ve achieved incredible growth but their success feels unrelatable.


🔥Alongside C.C.A, we still run our own individual copywriting businesses.

Emma is about to spill over into her second year. We’re only a few steps ahead.

Showing you that success is totally achievable for you.

👎🏼Stuffed with plug-and-play templates that rob you of your personality. 

Sure, they’ll help you write faster for a short while but in the end your content looks and sounds like everyone else’s. No bueno.


🔥You’re not only taught how to write, you’re taught how to think.

Our objective is to help you marry you and your IC in holy copy matrimony. This means giving you the tools and techniques to write persuasive copy while also finding freedom in self-expression.

And just so you know we’re real people with some actual skills, here’s what our clients have to say about working with us…

Seriously though, we aren't for everyone...

Don’t let the price tag fool you.

We aren’t inviting any ole riff-raff and we’re pretty protective of our community and members.

If you’re after viral fame, plug and play templates, 1-2-1 contact, expect us to be your personal in-house copywriters, or you aren’t prepared to get stuck in and do the work, it’s probably best to tap out now with no hard feelings…

But if you’re ready to build a thriving online business, we are ready to show you how!

And with a money-back guarantee, you can click with confidence.

This is the bit where you click below and book a chat with Emma and start confidently selling your services!



Pay once, in foreveeeeeeeeer.

**payment plans available**

(Don't forget, this includes your risk-free guarantee!)

Got more Q's? We've got A's...


This is a lifetime access group program! You will be give access to an online portal where everything lives – content, training, community, a place to ask questions, and the Copy Couch to submit copy for evaluation. The calls are held weekly over zoom at 7 pm GMT time (subject to change).

Coaches, content creators, VAs, photographers, web designers, FDs… service-based business owners who know their shizzle, but don’t (yet) know hot to communicate said shizzle to actually draw in clients.

The weekly group calls are 60 minutes long and are an opportunity to get your questions answered. BUT, if you aren’t able to make the call or ask your questions, no drama. Pop it in the portal where we swing by twice daily. We encourage you to reach out and let us know if anything if causing you issues. Don’t suffer in silence. We are here to help you smash it.

Go entirely at your pace! Once you’re in, you’re in for the lifetime of the program. This doesn’t mean we won’t hold you accountable if we see procrastination, but it does mean you don’t need to rush or force yourself to ‘finish’ by a certain date. Marketing your business is ongoing, which is why this program is too.

Foreveeeeer! As long as this program exists, you will have access to it. You’re Grandfathered in at this price point. If the time should come that the doors close, you will still have access to all the content, training and videos.

We’ve gotcha. They are recorded and uploaded to the portal so, pop your feet up and watch them at your leisure. Don’t forget, all questions can be asked in the portal. Why wait for a group call?

Just think about how that thinking is supporting your business plans right now?


Let’s change that! 

This isn’t writing. It’s communicating. We deeply feel that if you can express yourself offline, you can effectively express yourself online through the written word. Don’t worry. We’ve got you.

1 x payment of £3000, here.

3 x monthly payment plan of £1000, here.

The price will increase be increasing… along with all the value and modules we keep adding to the program.

As soon as payment is made, you’ll be sent an email to join. 

Bish. Bash. BOSH.

Start, immediately.

We’re not here for tire-kickers or those who want to ‘dabble’ for two weeks to ‘figure out’ if they fancy doing the work.

And we certainly aren’t here for folks who want to hop in, snatch the goodness and then leave to sell it as their own… hey, it happens.

However, if you can demonstrate that you’ve completed the modules according to our success criteria and had a damn good crack at ya copy and yet somehow, as the wind crosses Jupiter, this just hasn’t happened; you are entitled to a full refund. Yep, all your spondoolies back – that’s how confident we are in our Academy.

Not convinced, huh? That’s fear talking.

Book yourself in for a chat with us (who ya gonna get? It’s a surprise!).

Nab a spot HERE.