A strong, confident team consists of strong, confident individuals.

We help your employees/clients cultivate the self-belief and self-confidence to feel empowered in all aspects of life, bringing the best of themselves to the table and reinvigorating themselves both outside and inside the workplace.

Our workshops are created to give your employees/clients the tools to feel confident, in control and capabale of managing their fears and anxieties so that they can beat the overwhelm AND underwhelm of life – both inside and outside of work – and become the most confident and most optimised version of themselves.

Training Outcomes:

These are examples of topics we typically cover. Need a more bespoke training tailored to your specific needs and the needs of your people?! That’s not a problem. Get in touch and we can easily create a program custom designed for you and your team.

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How does it work?


If you are UK based then we can easily travel to you. No hassle. Nice and easy. Workshops can also be hosted via zoom if you have employess or clients who work from a variety of locations.


We offer half day workshops (4 hours) or full day (9.30am - 4.30pm). The program is tailored to suit the duration of your choosing.

Suitable For:

Small or large teams.
UK based organisations.
Adaptable across all industry sectors.

You Will Recieve

A workbook which includes all information covered in the training including further personal growth tools with actionable steps that can be implemented immediately.

Meet your coaches

As well as their training and backgrounds, both Emma and Nicole have battled with and overcome their own struggles with low self-esteem and anxiety. Their experiences (despite not wishing them on anyone!) allows for a greater level of understanding and is what drives them to help others focus on themselves and start TAKING THEMSELVES SERIOUSLY. As ultimately, it has been seen time and time again in their own experiences and those of their clients, that when we take the time to focus on ourselves, the world around us changes for the better. Friendships become stronger, employee relationships are formed on mutual respect, work life becomes more enjoyable, opportunities are given, taken and created! We show up as the very best and most empowered version of ourselves in every single aspect of life because we’ve taken the time to become the best and most empowered version of ourselves, FOR ourselves.


Emma Loveday is a Confidence Coach who specialises in helping ambitious professionals overcome their limiting beliefs, take control of their lives and maximise their potential.

As a trained actress, Emma knows all too well the difference between the feeling of genuine confidence and the ‘mask and/or performance’ of pseudo-confidence. (And if anyone knows how to handle rejection, judgement and critisism in a way that is actually HELPFUL… it’s her!) With expertise in raising the individuals self-esteem, she focuses on developing the core aspects of self: acceptance, compassion, responsibility, integrity and respect coupled with the insight as to how all of this personal and individual work is crucial to building long lasting and well-rounded relationships with others.

Nicole POND


Nicole Pond is a High Functioning Anxiety Coach helping high achieving professionals to quit the overthinking and move themselves from a place of overwhelm and chaos to calm and in control.

With her background as a scientific researcher, Nicole has extensive knowledge and understanding of how anxiety functions in the brain and how it presents itself in life. Her expertise lie in helping those who have accepted relentless everyday tension, uneasiness and anxiousness as their new norm to relieve themselves of constant worry, rumination and fixation that stops them from actually enjoying life.

Ready to uplevel your employees/clients & your business?

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We can easily discuss how we can deliver a powerful person-centred training for your employees or clients that will leave them with a whole new outlook on how to approach work and life in a way that is empowered.

P.S – Rest assured that while we have powerpoint slides, images and information to present, we pride ourselves on delivering these workshops as human beings with a sense of humour, a deep sense of care for our attendees and from a place of genuine support. No robots here.