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The Anxious Talker: The experiences, ponderings and realizations of a chronic over thinker (FREE Book Preview).

That’s right! Currently, I am working on a book which I hope will capture everything you might read in this blog as it grows but with a little bit more detail and dollop load of heart.

Working through it at the moment truly feels like a momentous, cathartic purge of thoughts and feelings which I don’t believe I’ve ever been so open and honest about.

There is a vulnerability which comes with laying down my deepest, darkest thoughts for critique and evaluation.

But alongside this, it has brought me a sense of calm and peace.

I will be taking you through my journey with anxiety, addressing my deepest insecurities and trying to consider where they have derived from.

I look at the ins and outs of my most negative beliefs about myself and how they have manifested themselves through anxious tendencies, addressing some key moments in my life that I think are worth reflecting on.

It’s all a balancing act!

Do not fear! It is not all doom and gloom.

What comes side by side with these stories of woe are realizations which have changed my way of thinking.

Techniques I have learned which are invaluable to me living a rich life of content and new, positive habits that I have incorporated into my day to day life which allow me to take control of my fears so that they don’t take control of me.

I am very excited to share this book with you.

Above all else, I hope that it is of use to someone, somewhere.

By sharing our stories we can feel comforted and untied in our struggles. Therefore, gaining strength and courage to make positive changes to our mental health.

Releasing the first 3 CHAPTERS!

It describes how this all came about for me and reflects on my initial reactions to dealing with some unfamiliar feelings.

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