The Art of Becoming

Bold, Brave & brilliant

12 life lessons to cultivate mental strength & Emotional Resilience

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bold brave and brilliant

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A Sneak Peak At What To Expect...

Each chapter uses a piece of artwork to help explain the life lesson.  

Why not, eh?  

Books like this can be a bit ‘heavy’ don’t you think?  Some color will liven things up a bit…

 It might be a painting, an illustration or even a doodle but each piece has a story to tell.  Or rather a lesson, a lesson worth hearing.

Below are some of the chapter I have in store for you!

Speak to your teddy kindly

illustration of teddy bear named perfection used for a chapter of the book entitled the art of living a good life

Open your third eye

open your third eye

practice the self-love that hurts

I see you painting of a lion using acrylic on canvas and this artwork is used in the book entitled the art of living a good life


Stare Into The Eyes Of The Lion

Water Your Ideas Plant

Wash Your Hands Of The Unimportant

Be Prepared For Healthy Heartbreak


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Hi, I’m Emma Loveday – life coach, author and artist.  Lover of slippers, online courses (yes, you can in fact love such things), 13% vol red wine and queso. 

Founder of Resilient Humans: a life coaching service dedicated to making life work for you, not against you, by building you up and guiding you toward the life you want and deserve.

Sufferer of social anxiety for over 15 years with some magical spurts of agoraphobia and mute-ism thrown in for good measure,  I have used self education and a fascination with human behavior to help me overcome the fears that were holding me back from making progress in life.

This book takes the knowledge, know-how and wisdom of many of my favorite life mentors and has recreated 12 lessons for living a good life.  A book I wish had been available to me in times of a much needed reality check and a few honest words.

Each chapter has a painting, illustration or doodle with a story to tell all created through art therapy (Hey, topics like this can be tough to digest.  If I can uplift them with a splash of ink then so be it).  

But I’m no Leonardo Di’Vinci so don’t be expecting any masterpieces, OK?

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