Starting Jan 10th 2022 for 12 whole weeks dedicated to YOU and your beautiful brain!

revolutionize how you think to reinvigorate how you live.

"Change your story, change your life "

So, you’re ready to feel STRONG, EMPOWERED, IN CONTROL and CONFIDENT.

And sometimes, you have random moments where you do feel this way. Except it’s gone before you’ve even had time to enjoy it.

So far you’ve done everything that your lizard brain and pre-conditioned beliefs have told you to do so that you can have some relief from the anxiety, the insecurities, the constant self doubt, the endless second guessing and the perpetual overthinking

No matter what you do, you don't find any long term relief.

Don't worry, you aren't broken.

It’s no surprise that anxiety, people-pleasing, low self-esteem, low self-confidence and self-loathing is at an all time high.

You’ve grown up in a world that has conditioned you to believe that:

What you want doesn’t matter.

How you feel doesn’t matter.

Society has you believing that nothing you want for yourself is achievable, that if you get it then you don’t deserve it and wanting it in the first place is selfish.

And these beliefs infuse into every aspect of your life, whether you recognise it or not.


what if i told you, the thoughts you have about yourself aren't yours?

You're believing things about yourself that aren't true and what happens is...

Your thoughts create your results.

What does that mean?

If you want to:
>>Cultivate stronger, deeper relationships...
>>Feel empowered, courageous & confident...
>>Redifine high performance...
>>optimize every single aspect of your life...
>>build a purposeful life and create impact...
>>feel in control and not at the mercy of your emotions...

you need to THINK DIFFERENTLY & join:

neuro decode


A 90 day intensive group coaching program designed to rewire your brain for confidence, success, calm and control in all areas of life.

Instead of squashing yourself into a corner, get ready to live as the best version of yourself you've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Instead of being paralyzed by fear, become motivated by self-love and self-validation.

Learning to THINK in a way that is empowering will CHANGE-THE-GAME.

Neuro DECODE will teach you how to find real freedom from the inside out. So that...

GROUP PROGRAM BEGINs: 10th January 2022

90 days to flip the script!

Join today for only £947

Ok, this is intense. In these 90 days you will be given the tools and techniques to create true freedom.

I'm not here to teach you feel-good affirmations.

You need effective methods of getting societies pre-conditioned beliefs out of your brain and a brand spanking new way of thinking that will actually allow you to FEEL GOOD for a change.

Emotional freedom is where it's at.

Group calls held every Monday at 7pm, UK Time. Replays available!

You are going to get to know yourself better than you ever have before. Life changes, when you change how you think about life and yourself.

How do I know this mind management stuff actually works?

I've been the guinea pig!

Okay, so here’s the deal… My name is Emma Loveday and i’m a Confidence Coach. I’ve got a Life Coaching Certification, NLP Practitioner Certification and CBT Diploma under my belt.

And let me tell you something – before helping anyone else I had to use all of this knowledge, use all of these techniques and implement all of these tools on me and my life. THIS STUFF WORKS! Mind. Blown.

I struggled with social anxiety disorder for the best part of a decade.

I have a twin sister (who I love to bits) but let’s just say the ‘comparison game‘ started young.

My brother and I had a fraught relationship. I was never bullied at school but I certainly was at home.

With my self-worth on the floor I wore the mask of confidence LIKE A BOSS. Always the joker, always the clown. Happy to make you happy at my own expense. Everything I did was to make sure everyone around me LIKED ME.

I searched for external validation every moment of every waking day.

I graduated with a degree in Acting (the performing arts industry is incredibly alluring to the person who doesn’t have a clue who they are and is excited by the prospect of being SOMEONE ELSE, all of the time. Sounds fab. Oh and external validation? Yes, I’ll take that audience applause please and thank you!)

FEAR ruled my life – I couldn’t make myself go to auditions. I cancelled on friends at every opportunity I got because I always had a voice telling me, ‘They don’t really want to see you, they just don’t have the balls to tell you to shove off’. My long term relationship broke down because I was so intent on avoiding conflict that we never resolved our problems. And 3 seperate businesses never made it off the ground because I sabotaged myself at every damn step of the way.

My life was a lie. I was everything I didn't want to be and blaming the world around me for ending up this way.

I was thinking about everything in a way that solidified my belief that I wasn't good enough.

For anything, or anyone.

In NEURO DECODE I give you the exact mind-management tools I used to interrupt those negative thought patterns and reframe them for ones that are supported by self-validation.

GROUP PROGRAM BEGINs: 10th January 2022

for the tiny investment of

And if you're thinking that that's way too much to invest in yourself... then you're the exact person who needs it.

Your happiness, confidence, sense of control, joy... it's worth ten times this amount.

This package would usually cost £2500.

If you're on the fence, ask yourself how long you're prepared to carry on living with the current thoughts occupying your mind that tell you to stop, avoid, hide, deny, ignore and resign yourself to a life of uncertainty and self-critisism.

You deserve to feel joy.

You deserve to feel in control.

You deserve to feel safe.

You deserve to feel free.

If you're willing to put the work in, Neuro Decode will help you with all of the above and so much more.

This program is not for you if:

As soon as you join you will recieve:

How to have the courage of a superhero e-book

Finding your purpose E-book

Links to a library of resources including videos & articles

Link to book your first 1:1 Coaching call

Client love:

(Don't worry! Neuro DECODE was up until recently called Diamond Confidence... The new name is much sexier, don't you think?!)


Have more questions? I think you'll find the answers right here!

Yes! Absolutely. Our sessions will take place via zoom so you can be positioned anywhere in the world provided you have a good internet connection.

I take payment via Stripe. This is a safe and secure method however, if you have any concerns or would prefer to pay via paypal or BACS then you can email me at and I will send the details straight over.

The success of this program relies upon your own dedication and commitment. All I can say is that you will have 100% of my energy and support but I cannot do the thinking for you and I cannot take action for you. You must be dedicated to your own personal growth, if you are then big change can happen. With that said, don’t put pressure on yourself to ‘succeed’ or ‘fail’ in this program or you will talk yourself out of making positive progress! I’ll be there to guide you, you just need to bring the energy!

If you’ve read through the content of this page and are furiously nodding in agreement, then that’s a great sign that this is the one for you. Another would be that you have tried the talking therapy, you’ve tried some serious action taking, you’ve tried yoga, meditation and other somatic practices and yet you still feel stuck with those negative thoughts that you know are sabotaging your chances of joy. If that’s the case, thought work is for you.

I’m afraid not amigo! Let me be straight with you – the financial commitment to courses such as this is what puts real skin in the game. I don’t offer refunds because A) I don’t want to give anyone any excuses to not do the work and B) These methods work. If you do the work, there is no reason why you shouldn’t see results. There are no tangible results here. This isn’t a program to promise 10k months or to find your true love or to drop 10lbs… we are doing the deep inner work. You will know that it’s working when you feel more comfortable in yourself, more at ease with life and more capable of handling any challenge that comes your way. The reality is, those tangible results tend to follow suit! I’ve had clients who use these techniques to help them launch their business, overcome driving anxiety and get a 12k bonus at work. You can create whatever results you want for yourself with this work, but it is up to you.

Hit the button below and make your early bird payment! (Remember, this will go up in the new year). Upon reciept of your payment I will send over all of the details you need to set you up for our first session on the 10th of January. You will recieve links to your free ebooks:

How to have the courage of a superhero

Finding your purpose

And a link to book in your first 1:1 coaching session with me next year.

As soon as the FB group is open, closer to the course start date, you’ll recieve an invite and it’s only pure goodness from there on out.

Not yet! But keep your eyes peeled for the end of the year! As a beta participant for this program you will have first access to the self-study course/any membership program should youwish to utilise them.

I can never 100% guarantee your results because hey, a lot of this depends on YOU. What I need to make sure of is that you are coachable. That you are open to suggestion, honest, communicate openly with me and will give your all to this program. Because remember, this is your life we’re talking about! Whatever you’ve done up until this point hasn’t worked, it’s time to find something new. Whilst I could never guarantee with 100% certainty that this process will yield results… I can gurantee that the tools and techniques work if you are prepared to use them.

I understand this position, I really do. I understand that putting money on the line is scary. I invested thousands into my own personal and business growth at a point where I was scraping the bottom of the barrel. All I have to say is that if there is one thing in this world worth investing in, it’s yourself. Because it’s when we address this deep transformational work that everything else in life changes. It has a domino effect on every single other aspect of your life… just watch as things fall in line! If we want to improve, we have to invest in people who know the HOW.

If you’ve been stuck struggling with your own mental and emotional blocks, constantly put down by your own inner critic and questioning every single decision that you make until you don’t make any at all… it’s time to invest. It will be the best money you’ve ever spent. Because think of the life you would have if you weren’t holding yourself back? If you appreciated yourself for who you are and had the courage to take action and go for things that you know you DESERVE? That’s worth the investment.

Alternatively, this program will run throughout the year but the price will increase each time!

I am not a qualified psychotherapist, I am a certified coach. That means that while thought work is helpful to anyone, if you struggle with mental illness such as depression, anxiety disorder, OCD etc please seek relevent professional guidance from a qualified counsellor.

When participating in this program you do so at your own risk. Whilst you have my full care, support and attention we may tackle topics that could be considered triggering for you. Because in order to grow and learn to handle them, we must first engage with them. You will never be forced to do anything you don’t want to do or talk about something you don’t want to talk about but it is your responsibility to remove yourself from the conversation if this is the case. There may be times where you feel uncomfortable but discomfort in this setting is a GOOD THING, it allows for progress. You should expect this when we begin our sessions. Ultimately, you and only you are responsible for yourself.

GROUP PROGRAM BEGINs: 10th January 2022

90 days to flip the script!

Join now for only £947