Master the highest converting storySelling post in the business owners arsenal

StorySelling Workshop

Tell empathy stories that SELL.

So you’ve heard that it’s possible to grow your business organically.

No ads.

No ‘cold DM at least 50 people per day’

No pitch-slapping strangers before building an ounce of rapport.

And yet…

You’ve been posting online for weeks (or even months) now.

So why is your inbox full of spam, odd-ball enquiries, and perhaps the occasional date proposition, without an inbound lead to be seen?


You know you’re someone’s knight in shining armour.

5 minutes on the phone with you and it’s pretty clear that you are DAMNED HOT at what you do.

You’re here to create IMPACT but right now, you’re easy to ignore.

Before you pull out those last few threads of hair, let us ask you…

What if instead...

You had a disgustingly effective way to whip up flaming hot and highly relatable empathy posts that are designed for one thing: CONVERSION.

(bye-bye vanity metrics, hello money in the BANK)

So you can...

Let your content to do the work for you and increase those inbound leads with high-converting stories that feel good for YOU because they’re in service of THEM.

The reason most biz owners fail to generate effortless leads for their business is not because they don’t understand their ideal client…

It’s because they don’t know how to communicate what they know.

Which means, your ideal client cannot see themselves within the story you’re telling.

Your one and only job is to show your ideal client:

I hear you.

I see you.

I understand you.

And, I can help you.

We cordially invite you to our StorySelling Workshop where you will learn to turn empathy stories into paying clients.


Here’s the scoop:

Friday, 3rd Feb 2023

10am – 2pm

Natural Kitchen, St Katharine’s Dock, London

A non-alcoholic bevvy of your choice AM & PM


Scrumptious lunch included

12 people MAX



only £347


(Fully Tax Deductible)



You will walk away with:


Bonus #1:

How to apply this goodness to your SALES PAGE (£225)

Bonus #2:

Free access to The Content Code: Self study guide teaching you how to convert stories into clients (£150)

Bonus #3:

2 complimentary brand photos taken on the day (£275)


But don’t ya just hate it when you’re only given a vague-ish idea of what you’ll be doing?

Kinda feels a little risky, but not the exhilarating kind.

The kind where you’re not sure if you should drink that milk that’s a week out of date.

So, here's exactly how the workshop will pan out:

Ice breaker

Nothing like breaking the awkward tension with something that creates awkward tension

Why storytelling is essential for business

If you don’t already know, you’re gonna!

Basic elements of powerful storytelling

The 4 core components of an effective story

What is an empathy post?

Understand the mother of all conversion posts

Creating an empathy post 

We’re going to go through each section one at a time so you can nail the format & structure time and time again

1. Identify client problems

2. How does this impact them?

3. What is their positive future alternative?

4. Solution



A complimentary lunch of your choosing from a rather scrumpteous menu, chosen beforehand.

The basics of ‘show not tell’

Avoid the cardinal sin of storytelling

Content examples

The good, the bad, and the down right ugly. With what you now know, we will show you effective empathy posts in action


15-20mins of non-judgemental writing. Time to compose your empathy post

BONUS: How to apply this to your sales page

Consider this your secret weapon for more sign ups, more clicks, more conversion


Leave no stone unturned. Make sure you leave with your questions answered!

BONUS: Photoshoot with Anne

We’ll be kicked out of our special space by this point BUT… for anyone who wants to take the opportunity, Anne will nab you one at a time for your outdoor photoshoot (details TBC) whilst everyone else gets a chance to pick Emma’s brain!

Okay ladies, you talk a good talk.

But why should I listen to you?

Riddle me that?!

I’ve come to really understand the details behind being human and how, in life and business, we’re all connected through the power of stories.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways of creating that human connection because rooted at the heart of them all is emotion – and meaningful connections grow through empathy, laughter and tears in a way that doesn’t just highlight our similarity, but also makes us human.

In business, being human and authentic helps to create powerful connections with your ideal clients – and no matter where you are on your journey, Emma and I will walk you through, step-by-step, showing you HOW to start telling those stories.

I’m just a Welsh lass looking for the chance to help people tell better stories and build a purpose-led business in the process.

There are two main reasons for why I do what I do today, helping businesses connect with their audience through honest, emotion-led storySelling….

#1. I suffered with social anxiety for over a decade. Indeed, I had the recurring narrative that my story was not worth sharing. That no one cared about what I thought or what I had to say.

That I had no impact on anyone’s lives.

I booted that disorder out the door and now I make it my mission to help others communicate from a place of true belief that there are people out there who NEED to hear your story.

#2. My background up until this point supports everything I do as a storyseller…

I am a trained actress.

I wrote stageplays and screenplays.

Top diamond sales exec across my region 2 year on the trott.

Freelance writer for top global therapists.

Now, I’m a Marketing Coach and Copywriter to online service providers.

People is what I know. Storytelling is what I love. StorySelling is what I do best.

I’ve grown my business to where it is today without ‘hacks’ or ‘slimy tactics’.

Just through the sheer power of tapping into the human experience.

We’re a power combo of Welsh business owners who live and breathe storytelling. 

A match made in collaborative heaven, we like to think.


One last time!

Friday, 3rd Feb 2023

10am – 2pm

Natural Kitchen, St Katharine’s Dock, London

A non-alcoholic bevy of your choice AM & PM

Scrumptious lunch included

12 people MAX

only £347

(Fully tax deductible)



It’s £347 in total, including 2x non-alcoholic drinks on the day, lunch, and £650 worth of BONUSES!

You can pay a little bit now, and a little bit later.

We will take two payments, a £147 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot now. And the final £200 ten days before the workshop (around the same time we will be taking lunch orders!)

Natural Kitchen in St Katherine’s Dock is a beautiful area (give it a google if you haven’t already).

It is within walkikng distance of Tower Hill Tube, Monument Tube, and London Bridge Tube Station. And the walk from London bridge to the venue is something quite special.

Just yourself, a notepad, pen, and clothing you’re happy to wear for your branded photos.