Tell stories your audience needs to hear, the way they need to hear them to BUY IN...

The Content Code

Master the art of storySelling and increase inbound leads with humanized content.

Two magical words I want us to focus on together:


Did you feel that? I just got shivers down my spine (better shut that window)

I get it, you didn’t start this business to become a marketer. Right?

But hey, you’re nothing if not WILLING. 

You’ve made content creation part of your business because, quite frankly, you understand it’s non-negotiable. Except…

*insert image of despair while staring at a blank screen*

This ‘marketing’ malarcky, doesn’t get your juices flowing. 

You’re feeling like…

Despite your best efforts, your content ain’t landing.

What you want is to create content designed for results (inbound leads PLEASE).


To sign clients through genuine connection (without pushy marketing tactics)

Am I close?

To achieve that juicy goodness, you’re going to need a few things:

'The Content Code'

*throws confetti with vigour*

*Immediately regrets decision as it slow mo lands in long hair carpet*

It’s time to share stories in the most effective and feel-good way possible so that YOU love sharing them and THEY love reading them.

Stories that spark conversation through relatabiliy and commonality.

Stories that allow your readers to feel SEEN and UNDERSTOOD (on an almost creepy kinda level).

Stories that make working with you feel like an absolute NO-BRAINER.

Stories that connect on a human level and convert with integrity.

Now that’s what I like to hear.

So, how will The Content Code help with this?

This is what we’re going to cover to help you start sharing stories for maximum IMPACT…


  • How to make the most out of this guide
  • What I won’t teach you, and never will
  • Resist those brain f*cks
  • What every coach does wrong (but not you!)


  • Clarify your ideal client
  • Elevator Pitch Blasphemy
  • Use yourself to help yourself
  • Exercise: Who, How, What, Why


  • Market research (DON’T skip this!)
  • What’s the point?
  • Get clear, and then get even clearer
  • Market research checklist


  • Knowing them on a freaky-deaky level
  • WHY not HOW


  • Anchor your message in CONTEXT
  • Anchor your stories in PEOPLE
  • Coaching terms to stop using NOW


  • My Super Simple Content Strategy
  • How to be OVERFLOWING with juicy content ideas


  • The Storytelling Playbook
  • The Copywriting Playbook
  • The Actors Playbook (for OSP’s)


  • Real-life examples
  • Evaluating your content


  • Unlearn the ick
  • Learn what really matters
  • Common marketing brain farts
  • The way out of the funk


  • Create. Connect. Convert.


  • 8 phases of content marketing
  • Why most quit
  • What do you need to believe?
  • How I signed clients from perceived success
  • Why this guide won’t help most students (be the anomoly)

All of this so you can find the joy, fun and humanity in marketing your online business.

Hold up... who even is this chic?!

I’m Emma Loveday (or Coach Loveday as some clients like to call me) and I’m just an average joe who knows a thing or two about effective storytelling.


Little Emma gets thrown into stageschool at 11 years old for being super duper shy.

“She needs to build her confidence” says the Loveday parents.

Little Emma thrives in stageschool.

The direct feedback of an audience applause becomes an ideal source of external validation, much wanted as her social anxiety begins to develop into full blown anxiety disorder.

She goes on as a late teen to study drama for a year in Shakespeare land (Stratford-Upon-Avon) followed by an Acting Degree at University.

(She jokes that acting is the best lesson in human psychology one could hope for. The world would be a better place if every person indulged in an acting class or two, she says with gusto)

Mid-twenties Emma writes stageplays and screenplays but her social anxiety disorder stops her from persuing an acting career.

Sad times.

INSTEAD, she becomes a top diamond seller in a luxury jewlery store for over 2 years. 

Donning the badge ‘Diamond Ambassador’ she led team sales trainings and discovered that aaaaaaaall of the things she’d learnt about human behaviour as an actress, became vitally important when it comes to selling.

Fast forward a few years and a rather eclectic CV later, Emma finds herself in a her late twenties as a writer.

Ghostwriting a best-selling self-help book for an author who shall not be named (I can keep a secret). Increasing traffic to 35,000 views per month with SEO content writing for a small jewelery blog that started at zero AND…working as a freelance social media copywriter for accounts with upwards of 50,000 followers.

In a nutshell…

People is what I know.

Writing is what I do…

Storytelling is what I do best.

After overcoming a decade with social anxiety disorder (which was based on the belief that who I was at my core wasn’t someone worth knowing) I want you to tell YOUR story with the belief that your story is worth telling… and that your people want to hear it.

AS WELL AS telling inspiring and highly relatable stories based on a deep and freaky-deaky level understanding of your ideal client.

After all, we’re still talking business here. Am I riiiiiiight?!


The big fat reason why I'm creating The Content Code at such an affordable price?

I'm a working class gal with no network, no connections and no financial backing who has built myself a business through storytelling.

And I’m not feeling so groovy about the ‘if you don’t invest everything until you’re living on the street and 150K in debt then you obvs don’t want to be reeeeeally successful’ narrative.

It's just my way of leveling the playing field 😉

This is affordable, accessible and ideal for you if:

This is not for you if:

(And please listen up, if you’re real honest with yourself and you tick some of these boxes then no judgement friend… you’re just better served elsewhere)

I know, what a whopper of a list that is.

But if you see yourself in there, don’t be prideful… tap out.

The Content Code

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For only £47

Imagine recieving comments like this...

And when you get messages in your inbox like this, things get really exciting...

Get it while it's HOT...


The questions everyone wants answered...

If you purchase the PDF today for £47, it will be sent to you via email with a link to download.


This entirely depends on your output and your willingness to experiment.

If you apply these learnings, you could see results for yourself within 90 days but I cannot guarantee your results, that’s up to you 😉

I come from a working class background with very little in the way of connections and financial support. I know how hard it can be to get started and I’m quite tired of the ‘you only reeeeeeeally want it if you’re willing to bankrupt yourself’ narrative.

I believe in investing in yourself. But I also think it’s naive not to acknowledge that not everything is accessible or affodable for everyone.

This is just my way of helping.

It is written for coaches and service based business owners.

A lot of the examples used are from the coaches perspective but they all apply to service providers as well.

If you’re just starting to market yourself online and having a ‘WTF do I do’ moment, this is for you.

If you’ve been creating content for a while but nothing is landing, this is for you.

If you’re a bit sick and tired of splurting out educational content that has no character or personality, this is for you.

If you’re more established but you’ve stagnated and want a new perspective and approach, this is for you.

If you’ve established a client base offline but now want to establish one online and don’t know where to start, this is for you.


I’ve specifically written this with Linkedin as the platform in mind.

However, this isn’t about how to use any one platform, it’s about formulating a message that resonates with your audience.

You can apply these lessons to any platform but it is up to you to understand what works best for each in terms of formats (video, carousel, short form, long form etc).

Most examples given in this guide refer to Linkedin as the social media platform of choice.


The focus here is NOT growth.

The focus is conversion through storytelling.

However, you will also see slow and steady growth as you attract fellow industry peers and ideal clients through your content.

The only reason you wouldn’t grow is if you don’t post consistently and you don’t put the time in to learn how to create read-worthy content.

NOTE: The purpose of this guide is to grow and convert an engaged community. If you are after templates, quick fixes, tips to go viral… you’re in the wrong place.

A full refund is available upon reciept of evidence that you have tried to implement the teachings in this guide.

I will send the breakdown of what is required in order to qualify for a full refund via email. This will include, for example, screenshots of completed exercises and posts etc.

Once evidence is provided, it will be transferred back into your account.

Nope, sorry!

This is a self-study program. You are welcome to get in touch regarding any technical support you may need.

If you’d like 1:1 support from me, please do reach out via email at and we can discuss how we can work together either in my Content Audits or 12 week 1:1 Coaching Program.